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2018-09-23 - 11:38 p.m.

Things are happening again it seems.. today we auditioned a new drummer... his name is Devon and he has the chops... he also seems to be in the same boat we are in too... he's been out of the scene for about a year and wants to get back in.. Gabe and i are in that boat.. and Oly hasnt gigged in calgary yet, so he's out by at least 2 years too...

Devon seems nice and easygoing and is your typical drummer personality... chatty and brings the room together... it felt great today... he's going to learn the songs and we'll try again on saturday...
He's got good experience too: he's toured.. east and western canada... in the states... and he seems to be focused on being in a long-term band... so here's to crossing our fingers that it's us!

I've got a lot on the go now... i have a lot of band homework to do as Oly asked me to demo the vocal-harmonies i want in the songs... so im going to have to arrange and write out those harmonies.. which could be a little difficult this time around because my chords and vocals already are taking up a lot of the good harmony ranges.. but i just have to use my brain and use a bit of theory this time i guess.. which is actually kind of interesting, since i barely do stuff like that...

Whitney's birthday is coming up too... there's a lot of surprises coming for her too.. we're going to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum again, as it's one of her favorite things to do... i love it too! It's going to be great really... it's nice to have things to look forward to this month... But another big change will be coming then too: im going to ask her to marry me then... i have the ring and everything now and all is good to go..

Life might take an interesting turn by the time the new year starts.. 2019 will be all about paying off my debt then... and getting the band out in the clubs.. it's exciting.. maybe my hard work has paid off


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